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Animation Demo Reel

Demo Reel Breakdown

0:03 - 0:23 | 'Forever' Short Film

A project created entirely remotely in 10 weeks by a group of 5 students. The class received mentorship from artists at DreamWorks Animation, Pixar Animation, Walt Disney Animation, MPC Films, Blue Sky Studios, ILM, and Brazen through weeklies on Zoom and messaging on Slack.

•   Lighting | Responsible for all lighting. Worked with Kelly Burroughs to create lighting keys

•   Shading/Texturing | Textured gramophone, picture frame, candle holders, all silverware and kitchen utensils, plates, and bullet shells

•   Modeling | Modeled all silverware, plates, glasses, and bullet shells in Autodesk Maya

•   Layout | Responsible for polished/finalized camera. Also helped plan and block out layout with Amanda Blettner

•   Compositing | Composited lighting groups and atmospheric fog into scene using Nuke

•   FX | Created shattered glass for picture frame as well as shattered plate pieces in Houdini

0:23-0:29 | Gramophone Turntable

This turntable is to show the surfacing that I did on the gramophone in the short film 'Forever.' The model for this asset was done by Amanda Blettner.

0:30-0:50 | 'Lilli' Short Film

A project created by 6 students at Texas A&M University with mentorship from professionals at DreamWorks Animation. This project was completed in a 10 week summer course.

•   Lighting | Responsible for all lighting

•   VFX | Responsible for the candle flame effects

•   Modeling | Modeled the main building, candles/candle holders, chrysanthemum flower, picture frame, ballet slippers, lunch box, and blanket

•   Surfacing | Surfaced the wax on the candles, the candle flame, and the hair bows

•   Layout | Contributed to layout alongside the layout lead (Sean Kerrigan), specifically helped with final set dressing

•   Compositing | Contributed to compositing all shots alongside Ryan Applebee, including compositing the flame FX and animating lights

0:50 - 1:18 | 'BEEPO' Lighting Breakdown

This breakdown shows how I built the lighting for 2 shots from 'BEEPO.'

•   Lighting | Responsible for all lighting

•   Compositing | Responsible for compositing the lighting in Nuke


1:19-1:29 | 'Slippery Slope' Short Film

'Slippery Slope' is a short film created by a team of Texas A&M students in the spring of 2021.

•   Lighting | Lead lighting artist, responsible for the majority of shots

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