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BEEPO - Animated Short Film


'BEEPO' is an animated short created by a group of Texas A&M University students in Fall 2020. The concept behind this short film was "a car commercial gone wrong." 

My Role:

•   Lighting | Responsible for all lighting and worked with Siri Martir to create lighting keys

•   Compositing | Composited scenes in Nuke with Jackson Spencer

BEEPO: Video

Lighting Breakdown

Here is a lighting breakdown for four shots in 'Beepo.'

Beepo was the first project I have worked on where I had to light an outdoor scene. In addition, the setting slowly changes from day to night. This added another layer of complexity when lighting this short.

BEEPO: Video

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Blake Hennigan (Director, story, layout, modeling, texturing, set dressing, editing, rendering)

•   Siri Martir (Director, concept, texturing, set dressing, rendering)

•   Vanessa Sigrist (Storyboarding)

•   Elijah Silvestre (Modeling, texturing, look dev)

•   Sameer Syed (Modeling, texturing, look dev)

•   Jordin Gonzalez (Modeling, texturing) 

•   Connor Bugni (Modeling, texturing, FX, rendering)

•   Travis Hausman (Modeling, rigging, rendering)

•   Jake Johnson (Modeling, animation) 

•   Jackson Spencer (Modeling, texturing, look dev, compositing, rendering)


Autodesk Maya | Substance Painter & Designer | Houdini | Nuke | Renderman | After Effects | ZBrush

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