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The Ritual - 3D Game


'The Ritual' is a third-person, 3D puzzle game developed by a team of 5 Texas A&M University students as part of the 2023 Gaming Summer Industry Course. In this course, students received mentorship from multiple individuals at Bluepoint Games.

My Role:

•   Programming | Was responsible for the majority of programming using blueprints in Unreal Engine 5

     Some examples include:

     - General player movement, including barrel possession + barrel movement

     - Taking damage in light / refilling health in shadow

     - Exorcist AI behavior + banishment

     - Player + environment interactions (knocking over objects, interacting with fuse boxes)

     - Flickering lights

•   Game and Level Design | Was responsible for majority of game design and helped design and refine levels

     Some, but not all, examples include:

     - Level 1: Responsible for all level design, including windmill and flickering light puzzles

     - Level 2: Designed windmill and breaker box puzzles

     - Level 3: Worked on the exorcist's path and refined environment and barrel positions for player path

     - Level 5: Plank and flickering light puzzle near house, plank and seesaw puzzle near barn

     - Level 6 (Interior barn/boss level): Responsible for all level design

•   Tool Development | Created various set dressing tools for artists to use in engine

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Download the game here!

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Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Emmalie Hall (Lighting, character modeling, surfacing, set dressing, sound effects)

•   Kaylyn Luna (Modeling, environment art, surfacing, UI design)

•   Cesar 'CJ' Loya Jr (Cinematics / layout, mo-cap editing, music, level design)

•   Hayden Harsh (Animation, rigging, character modeling, mo-cap editing, programming for

     character animations)


Unreal engine 5.1 |  Maya | ZBrush | Shogun Live + Post | MotionBuilder | Substance Painter | Photoshop

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