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Slippery Slope - Short Animated Film


'Slippery Slope' is a short film created by a team of Texas A&M students in the spring of 2021.

My Role:

•   Lighting | Lead lighting artist, responsible for the majority of shots

Slippery Slope: Video

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Blake Hennigan (Director, layout, modeling/surfacing, rendering, editing, sound)

•   Siri Martir (Director, visual development, modeling/surfacing, set dressing, rendering)

•   Vanessa Sigrist (Storyboarding)

•   Elijah Silvestre (Modeling)

•   Jordin Gonzalez (Modeling/surfacing) 

•   Connor Bugni (Visual Effects, modeling/surfacing, rendering)

•   Arielle Steele (Animation)

•   Travis Hausman (Character Modeling, rigging, modeling/surfacing, rendering, sound)

•   Kamryn Massey (Character Modeling)

•   Jackson Spencer (Director, character surfacing, modeling/surfacing, technical director, rendering, compositing, sound)


Autodesk Maya | Substance Painter and Designer | Adobe Photoshop | Renderman | After Effects | Unreal Engine

Premiere | Blender | SideFX Houdini | Marvelous Designer

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