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Forever - Short Animated Film


'Forever' is an animated short film that I worked on during Visualization's 2020 Summer Industry Course. During this 10-week course, I had mentorship from artists at DreamWorks Animation, Pixar Animation, Walt Disney Animation, MPC Films, Blue Sky Studios, ILM, and Brazen. We were asked to create a short film that was 20 seconds or less, photorealistic, and had a theme of 'moment of discovery.' This project was completed on a fully remote pipeline due to COVID-19. We used Zoom to receive bi-weekly critique from mentors and meet with our teams, as well as used Slack to communicate throughout the day with our team, professor, TA, and mentors.

My Role:

•   Lighting | Responsible for all lighting. Worked with Kelly Burroughs to create lighting keys

•   Shading/Texturing | Textured gramophone, picture frame, candle holders, all silverware, plates, and bullet shells 

•   Modeling | Modeled all silverware, plates, and bullet shells in Autodesk Maya

•   Layout | Responsible for polished/finalized camera. Also helped plan and block out layout with Amanda Blettner

•   Compositing | Composited atmospheric fog into scene using Nuke

•   FX | Created shattered glass for picture frame as well as shattered plate pieces in Houdini

Forever: Video

Lighting Breakdown

Forever: Video

Gramophone - Surfacing

The gramophone is one of the props that I surfaced for this project, excluding the record which was textured by Connor Bugni and the record label by Amanda Blettner. All modeling was done by Amanda Blettner.

Forever: Video

Picture Frame - Surfacing

The picture frame is another asset that I surfaced for this project. All modeling done by Amanda Blettner.

Forever: Video

Bullet Shell - Modeling and Surfacing

The bullet shell is an asset that I modeled and surfaced for this short.

Forever: Video

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Amanda Blettner (Modeling lead, texturing, set dressing, shading, camera layout, music)

•   Drew Gillie (Render wrangler and pipeline, compositing, modeling, shading, sound mixing)

•   Connor Bugni (FX lead, compositing, surfacing, animation)

•   Kelly Burroughs (Project manager, graphics, storyboard, credits, concept, modeling)


Autodesk Maya | Substance Painter & Designer | Blender | Houdini | Nuke | Renderman | Adobe Suite

Forever: Text
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