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With Hearts Aglow - 3D Game


'With Hearts Aglow' is a 3D game with 2D characters that was originally created in 48 hours by 4 students during Texas A&M University's 2023 Chillenium Game Jam. The theme for this game jam was "we share a heart." Our concept for this game was that the player could toggle between two characters who are each other's "other half."

My Role:

•   Modeling | Modeled the modular road assets and all assets in the parks

•   Texturing | Textured the modular road assets and all assets in the parks

•   Level Design | Mapped out the entire level in UE5

•   Set Dressing | Set dressed the road assets and buildings, as well as the prop assets such as the street lamps,

     street signs, and benches on the map

•   Programming | Helped with various mechanics including calculating the distance between players, updating

     the UI based on distance, and toggling the hearts on the map based on which character is active.

     Additionally, I updated the original player camera from being a set camera to a free moving camera

     controlled by the mouse and adjusted the movement input accordingly.

Hearts: About


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Gameplay Video

Hearts: Work

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Madhu Ratnakar (Development, programming, and UI)

•   Marina Trevino (Character design and animation, UI design, and sound)

•   Naimisha Parmar (Modeling, surfacing, and set dressing)


Unreal engine 5.0 |  Maya | Blender | Illustrator | Photoshop | Clip Studio Paint | Garageband

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