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Lilli - Animated Short Film


'Lilli' is an animated short created by a team of 6 students at Texas A&M University in fulfillment of the 2022 Summer Industry Course with DreamWorks Animation Studios. With the support of 6 mentors, my team and I created 'Lilli' during a 10 week period. The goal was to create a photo-realistic 3D animated short that was 20 seconds or less with the prompt "a toy comes to life."

My Role:

•   Lighting | Responsible for all lighting

•   VFX | Responsible for the candle flame effects

•   Modeling | Modeled the white building, candles and candle holders, chrysanthemum flower,

     picture frame, ballet slippers, lunch box, and blanket

•   Surfacing | Surfaced the wax on the candles, the candle flame, and the hair bows

•   Layout | Contributed to layout alongside the layout lead (Sean Kerrigan)

•   Compositing | Contributed to compositing all shots alongside Ryan Applebee, this included

     compositing in the flame effects and animating lights

Lilli: Video

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Ryan Applebee - character look development

•   Sean Kerrigan - layout, rigging, animation

•   Hannah Martinez - project manager, modeling, surfacing

•   Maleah Miller - modeling, concept, sound, surfacing

•   Sarah Razook - environment look development & surfacing


Autodesk Maya | Substance Painter & Designer | Houdini | Nuke | Renderman | Blender | ZBrush | Marvelous Designer | Adobe Suite

Lilli: Text
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