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Marooned - 3D Game


'Marooned' is a pirate themed, first person shooter game that was created by a group of Texas A&M University students in Fall 2020. This game is infinite and wave based, there each round gets progressively harder. The map is divided into two levels, the beach and a cave system underneath. Killing enemies and finishing rounds will give the player coins that can be spent at buy stations located around the map. In addition, there is a "treasure hunt" system that gives the player a treasure map to find a chest with either coins, ammo, or a power weapon.

My Role:

•   Art Director | Primary artist on this project and responsible for creating the art bible with a style guide

•   Modeling | Modeled all assets excluding weapons, treasure chests, barrels, boats, spears and item shops

•   Texturing | Textured all modeled assets

•   Set Dressing | Set dressed cave walls and floors with small rocks, pebbles, crystals, and mushrooms

•   Background Painter | Painted the sky and converted it into a sky box to be used in the environment

Marooned: About


Download the game here!

Marooned: Text
Marooned: Work
Plush Ducky Art Bible.jpg

Art Bible

Marooned: Video

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Sydney Houk (Project manager, UI and UX design, modeling, texturing, animation, lighting)

•   Cole Bui (Programming, music & sound)

•   Cameron Cassidy (Programming, modeling, texturing, UI and UX design)

•   Brenden Hover (Lead programmer, FX, lighting, animation, game design)

•   Austin Offill (Programming, AI, level design, set dressing)


Unity | Autodesk Maya | Substance Painter | AutoCAD | Adobe Suite

Marooned: Text
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