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Puppy Pilots: Video

Puppy Pilots - 2D Game


'Puppy Pilots' is a cute take on the classic 'Snake' game. The player is a pilot dog whose enemies, the cats, have tied her puppies to balloons in the sky. Try to win the game by collecting all of her puppies! This game was made in 5 weeks by a group of 5 Texas A&M students in the fall of 2018.

My Role:

•   Lead Programmer | My main responsibility during this project was as lead and only programmer. I created all scripts for this game in addition to working in Unity to implement all of the art assets and music into the game.

Puppy Pilots: Video


Download the game here!

Puppy Pilots: Work
Puppy Pilots: Work
Puppy Pilots: Work

Team Members and Software

Team Members:

•   Libby Davis (Project manager, music, sound)

•   Vanessa Sigrist (Artist)

•   Valori Prazak (Artist)

•   Molly Chapin (Music, sound)


Unity | Photoshop

Puppy Pilots: Text
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